Stanko Bradvarevic works with advices in the protection, use and enforcement of intellectual property rights with emphasis on patents within aquaculture and fishing, mechanical industry, oil and gas, shipping and maritime industry and other related fields. He has worked with industrial property rights since 1996, first as an examiner in the Norwegian Industrial Property Office and then as a patent attorney in Onsagers, before joining Acapo in 2022.

Stanko Bradvarevic has extensive experience within industrial property rights and assists in the preparation and processing of patent applications and opposition cases in Norway and internationally. He also assists with assessments and advices in connection with infringement and invalidity cases, freedom to operate assessments (FTO) within patents. Stanko Bradvarevic is also particularly interested in the strategic aspects of intellectual property rights and how these can be used to give companies a competitive advantage.

Stanko Bradvarevic holds an M.Sc. in Naval Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Marine Hydrodynamics, with main emphasis on flow, resistance and design and dimensioning of offshore structures.

Stanko Bradvarevic works daily at our office in Fredrikstad. Working languages are Norwegian and English.

Stanko Bradvarevic is a member of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI).