Gunnar is our in-house mentor for our EQE-candidates. Having background in mechanical engineering and having worked more than fifteen years with offshore concrete platform construction industries, he works mainly with technologies relating to offshore, mechanical and civil engineering, and naval and marine engineering. He has been working with IP since 1970, both as an Examiner in the Norwegian Patent Office, as in-house legal counsel in industry and joined Acapo in 2002. With his combined industry and patent attorney background Gunnar has a keen interest in IP strategy from an industry perspective, highly appreciating the contributing effect of IP on industrial development.

Gunnar is an appointed member of the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights and is a registered European Patent Attorney. Gunnar has also a specialist competence with respect to infringement and opposition proceedings in Norway and is a frequently appointed expert lay judge in infringement and invalidity proceedings in Norwegian courts.

He has a B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Newcastle on Tyne, Great Britain in 1968.

Gunnar’s working languages are Norwegian and English.

He is a member of European Patent Institute.