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Freebit is a technology and design company that over several years has developed game changing technology for ear interfaces. They have also won several prizes for the technology and design such as the renowned Red Dot Design Award.

Freebit is amongst the few companies in Norway that has taken the step from using intellectual property rights for protection of own production to a streamlined business model with a focus on technology and design development for licensing to established brands. This has made it possible for Freebit to focus on its core competence, development and design of new technology without having to expend energy on logistics, marketing and production.

In order to establish a working licensing model Freebit puts a broad range of intellectual property rights to use such as patents, trademarks and designs, nationally and internationally. This then is part of their “Blue Ocean” strategy where competitors are kept at a distance using such rights.

Several members of the professional staff at Acapo has assisted Freebit both during the transformation and afterwards, assisting in drafting new applications and prosecuting these. In order to secure a wider freedom to operate Acapo assists in monitoring, third party observations, oppositions and more. Since several competitors now have realized the importance of this technology there have regrettably appeared several cases of infringement, something Acapo assists in stopping. Freebit has thus become one of the most professional users of intellectual property rights and associated systems in Norway.

Many believe that intellectual properties represent an expense only; nevertheless Freebit has clearly demonstrated how such rights can be the basis for an income. In an age where intellectual property is estimated to represent about 80 percent of the total values of companies there is undoubtedly a great potential for others to turn their rights also into a source of income.