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Aurland Skofabrikk is a business with long and proud traditions. The company is connected to the movement Économusée Nothern Europe. The company manufactures and sells shoes and leather products under the trademark AURLANDSKOEN™. The factory goes back to the 1930’s, but shoes have been manufactured in Aurland long before that.

Even though Aurland Skofabrikk manufactures handcrafted products with a long tradition the business has always been engaged in innovation.  When Norway was suffering under the economic depression in the 1930’s a new model of shoe was created in Aurland based on the mocassins of Native Americans. These shoes had what was, at the time, considered a new and sensational appearance, at the same time as being practical. The shoes from Aurland in the 1930’s inspired similar mocassins manufactured all over the world (cf. Wikipedia).

There are challenges connected to a handcrafted product, the appearance of which has been relatively unaltered for years.  Aurland Skofabrikk has put innovation and product development on the agenda and entered into cooperation with well-known designers in HAIK to modernize the appearance of their products. This has been successful, and AURLANDSKOEN™ is now on sale in exclusive stores alongside other well-known brands from other countries.

Aurland Skofabrikk today secures its intellectual property to ensure that others do not exploit the values created in the company. Acapo has assisted Aurland Skofabrikk in the process of protecting the trademark AURLANDSKOEN™, and the accompanying logo. Further, Acapo has assisted Aurland Skofabrikk in formulation of agreements connected to co-branding.