New product design doubled the market share

Bergens Tidende reported on May 27, 2014:

Design development as a strategic part of the business pays. The dairy Q-Meieriene experienced increased sales of NOK 50 million after the company launched new packaging of its sour cream.

After feedback from customers that the traditional cups did not measure, the dairy developed a new variant of the product: bottled sour cream. At the same time, the old cup got better quality and screw cap. These new packages for Q-Meieriene’s sour cream doubled the company’s market share of sour cream, and the company attributes its increased sales exclusively the sale of sour cream in new packaging.

Dairy manager Bent Myrdahl states that “product development and design has become our DNA”. Much of a company’s value lies in such innovation – and it is important to protect the results through registration of rights and enforcement thereof. Q-Meieriene have registered their new packaging as trademarks, and are thus protected against competitors’ free use of similar guises.