Award for Design Excellence!

Award for Design Excellence!   Acapo and the designers at Anti received the Award for Design Excellence during the Design Days at the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre on April 15th.

The award was received for the category of  “Visual design” for Acapo’s new profile.

The jury commented: Builds bridges. The profile communicates a difficult message in a simple way, and builds, in a credible manner a bridge between law and creative enterprise. It stands out with an exciting color palette, creative language, and a touch of humor. The illustrations show the entire process from idea to the end product, in accordance with Acapo’s aim to contribute early on in the development process. The profile communicates to several branches, and stands out as an overall communication concept that is believable. The jury is of the opinion that the profile illustrates technical insight, which creates high expectations of Acapo’s services. In cooperation with Anti Acapo has gained an identity which stands out clearly in a branch in which visual profiles maintain a very high level.

You will find more information here.

Intellectual Property can be a difficult and complicated field. In order to succeed in reaching out to new clients, it requires simple and gripping communication. Acapo’s old profile was lacking this.

We wished to break down the barriers which prevented potential clients from contacting us. Quite often, we are first contacted when a problem has already arisen in connection with Intellectual Property or the rights. Then it may be too late, or it will be a long and difficult road to find a solution. With the aid of our new profile we are able communicate that one must be conscious and proactive in seeking assistance in the early phases of service and product development.

We are very happy with our new profile and proud to receive the Award for Design Excellence!

Many thanks to Anti for their excellent teamwork!