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  • How can we assist you?

    We have many years’ experience in patenting of medical, biological and biotechnological inventions, and have a strong focus on competence and competent strategic advice in this field.  

    Our patent attorneys assist in the preparation and processing of patent applications. They may also assist in the assessment of infringements, registering of SPC, “freedom to operate” analysis and conflicts within and outside the courts of law.  

    Product names and the names of pharmaceutical compounds also represent large values for the drugs industry. Acapo has long experience in assisting large international pharmaceutical companies with trademark applications and the administration of trademark portfolios in Norway, preliminary searches and other strategic advice.  

    Our lawyers and associated lawyers also assist our clients in pursuing violation of rights within and outside the courts of law, in addition to other legal advice within the field of intellectual property.  

    Please contact one of our consultants if you wish to learn more!
  • Patent – sell, license, or exploit?

    Biotechnology without patents is almost unheard of today. The exploitation of most commercially interesting developments within biotechnology depends on the protection of their intellectual property.  

    Licensing, sale and purchase of rights are, besides patenting, very common, and typical for biotechnological inventions.
  • Particular challenges within the drugs industry

    The development of new drugs is a particularly time-consuming and expensive area, with considerable uncertainties before the drug finally gets its market license. Hence, this branch is particularly known for its high and purposeful innovation and patent activity to ensure that investments in development are recovered. Market exclusivity for drugs through patenting is therefore the main key to commercial success after the development period.
  • Biotech patent law in change

    Patenting within the field of biotechnology is a field in constant change and adaption to new laws and precedents in different countries. It is therefore crucial that patent attorneys and consultants at all times are updated when it comes to national, and particularly also European, precedents to be able to give optimal assistance and advice.