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Acapo Oslo Haik-2372
IP administrator

Hilde Hovde

T +47 418 68 834
E hh@acapo.no

Hilde works  in our legal department, particularly  with the filing of new trademark and design applications in Norway and worldwide. She also handles document handling, the execution of transfer of rights in connection with assignment and name changes, maintenance of deadlines, and correspondence with clients,  agents and official authorities in Norway and abroad.  She also has many years experience in the handling of renewals.

Hilde joined the company in  1996. She is highly competent within most sides of IP administration, particularly within the field of trademarks. She is educated within office and administration skills.

Hilde is working in our Oslo office.

Her working languages are Norwegian and English.

Hilde is a member of NAIPA – Norwegian Association of Intellectual Property Administrators.