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  • Our competence

    Acapo has employees with many years experience in patenting solutions within the offshore industry.  We also assist our clients in evaluation of infringements, “freedom to operate” analysis and other strategic advisory services concerning the administration of the company’s IP.

    Our lawyers and legal staff have long experience in, among other things, drawing up contracts connected to technological cooperation, handling violation of rights and other conflicts in and outside the courts, and strategic advisory services in connection with trademark and design protection.

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  • High level of innovation - valuable assets

    The level of innovation in oil companies and the supplies industry is high. The technological development means large investments,  and the right to exploit innovative technology represents considerable assets.  This forms a basis for a high level of conflict between parties in the offshore industry.

    Among the larger international companies in the oil and gas industries there is great awareness of the considerable value which lies in the company’s IP, and many of the parties have large patent portfolios.  Recent investigations have shown that very few Norwegian technology firms see that intellectual property is important.  Indications that the scope of illegal copying and infringement in industrial property rights will increase in the years to come, also within the offshore industry, means that you should increase efforts to protect your own IP.
  • Development cooperation calls for good agreements

    Offshore-related technology is marked by extensive development cooperation between several parties. This requires well-thought-out agreements which regulate the rights to IP which is brought into, or is a result of, cooperation.  Often the question of employee’s inventions will arise and licensing of patented technology and trademarks in connection with such development cooperation