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  • How can we assist you?

    Our lawyers have long experience in guiding and assisting our clients in the media and entertainment businesses.  Among other things we have assisted artists and other large and small members of the entertainment business in trademark protection, drafting agreements and assessing questions of copyright. We can assist you in mapping  and administering your rights, as well as performing clearance searches to determine which rights your competitor has.
  • Valuable spin-off products - for whom?

    It is not unusual that successful songs, films, TV-series, computer games, books and the like lead to spin-off products. If you have secured exclusive rights to produce, market and sell related products, this can lead to great values. You will also be able to stop others from using your product in an undesirable manner.
  • Who has a right to what?

    In the media and entertainment business it is also important to have good agreements and contracts. Who really owns the copyright to the manuscript? To the book title?

    To the illustrations?
    It is important to be conscious of the values being created, as well as administering and protecting these values in an appropriate manner. 

    It is also important to be aware of the rights of others, to avoid illegal infringement.
    To avoid sanctions from official authorities and competitors you must also know what is legal marketing of your products and services.