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  • How can we assist you?

    We can offer assistance in compiling an IP strategy for your business.

    Compilation of an IP strategy will normally be undertaken in close cooperation with leading personnel in your business, and be adapted to your company’s goals and visions. We can contribute in all phases of this process, from evaluation of requirements, compilation of strategy, and the accompanying description of procedure and implementation in your business.  We can also assist in revision of any existing strategy.

    Our consultants have wide competence in both technical and legal aspects as well extensive experience as IP specialists. They have also experience in management and business from Norwegian industry and are experts in managing intellectual property in all phases from protection, through enforcement of rights to commercialisation.

    We are here and happy to assist you!
  • What is the most important asset in your company?

    Research shows that more than 80% of the assets of modern businesses are intellectual property,  with just 20% being material.  Which are the critical assets of your business?

    The intellectual property of a business can be know-how, inventions, trademarks, designs and trade secrets, whilst the material assets are buildings, machines, production equipment and suchlike.  In spite of the fact that intellectual property plays an increasingly central role in Norwegian businesses, and that it has always been natural to insure material assets, there are still far too many who do not protect their intellectual assets.
  • Do you have a plan to take care of the intellectual property?

    Most businesses have set themselves goals and have a business plan and most likely also a marketing plan.

    An IP strategy is a strategic plan for the intellectual assets of the business. IP strategy should be incorporated in the business plan and be seen in a wide perspective to give a businesslike, economical and competitive advantage.
  • Why is it important to have an IP strategy?

    The future will be characterised by a great deal of innovation and increasingly fast technological change. Securing the right to exploit one’s own innovation is therefore vital to the continued success of a company. Competition will become greater and closer, patents, designs and trademarks will play an increasingly greater role. By ensuring a good IP strategy, companies will ensure a competitive advantage and create better opportunities  for their activities and development.

    An IP strategy will contribute to better economical growth and a simpler method of dealing with risk in a business.

    A good IP strategy will increase the possibilities for a business to succeed in a challenging future.
  • What is an IP strategy?

    An IP strategy is a strategic plan for the intellectual assets of a business. Such a strategic plan describes the activities which must be carried through to reach specific goals.

    An IP strategy is a dynamic administrative document for the business which must be integrated within the business plan.

    An IP strategy gives guidelines regarding when, where and which intellectual assets are to be protected, maintained, defended and used in the business. Such a strategy will also contain a review of the business’s own intellectual assets and often a survey and comparison to the competitors’.

    An IP strategy will, typically, cover a survey of the existing rights of the business, a plan for handling IP internally in the business including division of responsibility, procedures, formalities together with plans for protection of their own IP, plans for commercialisation including licensing, enforcing of rights and handling of other parties including competitors.

    An IP strategy must be tailor-made for your business.
  • Portfolio management

    An essential part of a company’s assets is related to intellectual property rights. To be able to protect and maintain these assets in the best possible way, it is essential to know what you own and manage the portfolio well.  

    We keep track of current deadlines, take care of updates, recordals and amendments, as well as collaborate with you on restructuring, consolidating and maintenance of the portfolio.

    Together we will make sure that your IP rights cover all aspects of your business. Your portfolio and IP strategy should be the perfect tools to achieve your goals.