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  • How can we assist you?

    Acapo’s consultants has experience in giving advice to recognized trademark owners during the development process of new products, packaging and product names. Among other things we assist in conducting clearance searches, protecting trademarks, designs and inventions. Further, we prepare legal assessments and offer training.

    Our lawyers and legal staff also assist our clients by pursuing infringements of rights in and outside the courts. We also handle cases which are before the Competition Board (Næringslivets konkurranseutvalg – NKU) where there are questions of whether a person has acted in conflict with the Norwegian Marketing Control Act.
  • Product copying? Illegal marketing?

    One of the typical challenges for food industry is that the competitors often produce products and packaging designs which are very close to their leading brands. Both the courts and NKU have, in later years, taken a position in numerous cases like this. If one does not react to this type of copying, the consequence may be that a standard will be established in the business based on the market leader. Examples of this are so-called  “category colors” in which it is normal that a mustard is sold in yellow packaging, ketchup in red, and mackerel in tomato sauce in yellow tins. 

    Development of marketing materials and advertising films demands significant resources.  Already early in the process, it is sensible to make sure that one does not use material which has copyright protection for another, or in any way infringe on another’s intellectual property rights or in conflict with good business practice.

    Monitoring of the market and competitors are important parts of an IP strategy. It contributes to, ensure and maintain the “freedom to operate” of the business and gives a basis for positioning in the market.
  • Innovative? Protect your competitive edge!

    Among successful trademark owners, IP is a central part of all links in the chain of values.  Innovation takes place in product development, design, packaging, product names and communication.  

    Maintenance of the intellectual property of the company requires knowledge and training throughout the entire organization.