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  • How can we assist you?

    Our highly qualified consultants have long experience in assisting clients in the protection and enforcing of their design rights.

    We provide assistance in the establishing of protection strategies, the preparing and filing of design applications, conflict handling, negotiations,  agreements, and portfolio management, in cooperation with our skilled IP administrators.
  • Design adds value to the business!

    Design as a strategic innovation tool adds value of the business and gives identity to your products and your company.

    Ensuring exclusive right to a design gives a great advantage over competition in the marketplace. At the same time you increase the value of the company and it is easier to demonstrate the value of the company to potential investors and collaborating partners.
  • What can be protected?

    The shape and appearance of a product may be protected with a design registration.

    The proprietor of a design registration achieves exclusive right to use the design in commerce, and can deny others the right to produce, sell or import a product which is confusingly similar to his own design.
  • Filing requirements

    Minimum requirements to obtain valid filing date for applications with priority claim:

    1. Applicant’s name and address. 
    2. Priority data (country of filing, application number and filing date). Copies of the priority document are normally not required. 
    3. Drawings or photographs of the design(s).
    4. Designation stating the articles or products to be covered. 

    Requirements to complete the filing:

    1. Designer’s name and address.
    2. Please observe that no Power of Attorney, Novelty Declaration or Deed of Assignment is necessary.
  • Portfolio management

    An essential part of a company’s assets is related to intellectual property rights. To be able to protect and maintain these assets in the best possible way, it is essential to know what you own and manage the portfolio well.  

    We keep track of current deadlines, take care of updates, recordals and amendments, as well as collaborate with you on restructuring, consolidating and maintenance of the portfolio.

    Together we will make sure that your IP rights cover all aspects of your business. Your portfolio and IP strategy should be the perfect tools to achieve your goals.