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  • How can we assist you?

    We have consultants with many years’ experience of patenting solutions within the building industry. We also have consultants with many years’ experience from conflicts of intellectual property within this field.  

    Our consultants assist in preparation and processing of patent-, design- and trademark applications. They may also assist in assessing infringements, “freedom to operate” analysis and conflicts within and outside the courts of law.  

    Our lawyers and associated lawyers also assist our clients in prosecution of violations of rights within and outside the courts of law, in addition to other legal advice within the field of intellectual property.  

    Please contact one of our IP consultants if you would like to learn more!
  • Do you have an innovative solution? Is it protected?

    One of the greatest challenges for the building and construction industry in the future will be access to skilled and competent labour. Just as important will be working smarter, more efficiently and innovatively to get the most out of investments, and, not least, to ensure new commissions and contracts in competition with others. The building and construction industry is also a field used to competition.  

    Developing smarter, more environmentally-friendly and more rational methods will therefore be an area of commitment to win in competition with others. Such developments may, for example, be new formwork systems, reinforcement and pre-stressing systems, equipment for civil and structural works.  Protecting the results of this development and innovation work may hence be a strategically important means to ensure one’s own freedom to operate.
  • What are the competitors doing?

    In 2012, according to statistics from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, the largest group of Norwegian and foreign patent applications were within the field of “Building/construction and thermodynamics”.  35% of all filed applications by Norwegian applicants were within this group. Corresponding numbers for Norwegian applications by foreign applicants were approx. 45%.  

    This means that companies within the building and construction industry have many rights to relate to – rights they cannot avoid relating to, whilst at the same time it is important to ensure one’s own freedom to operate.

    This may be done by monitoring competitors and/or technology fields. This may also be done through a conscious strategy for the handling of one’s own intellectual property rights in the form of patents.