Covid-19 update

The number of confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases globally is continuously increasing, and we are aware of the uncertainty this may cause for our clients and associates.

We therefore wish to inform you about the situation at Acapo AS:

All of our offices are open for business as normal. Acapo works completely electronically and all offices are inter-connected and under a centralized management system.

Acapo has 4 offices in Norway and each branch is connected to Acapo’s central IT infrastructure. This means that if one or more offices are not accessible, work can be seamlessly taken up from the other Acapo offices, or anywhere with internet access.

In case one of our offices is not accessible, or any employees are not able to travel to their offices, Acapo also allows employees to work from home.

We operate a complete online backup infrastructure, where servers and databases are externally managed, if the network is disrupted.

Acapo has now also taken the necessary precautions to prevent further spread of the coronavirus:

§  We have no planned business trips to high-risk areas.
§  We have cancelled unnecessary meetings, seminars and conventions etc.
§  Employees who have made a private trip to a high-risk area will be asked to stay at home for 14 days after their return.
§  We continuously pay attention to and follow all the official information and advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health  and NIPO.