10 years as Acapo!

The history of Acapo dates back to 1924 when the company was founded as AS Bergen Patentkontor. In 2006, Bergen Patentkontor merged with Actio-Lassen AS and became Acapo AS. This is now 10 years ago and much has happened since then.

The last decade has seen Acapo go from strength to strength. In November 2006, we opened an office in Trondheim and recently moved to larger premises on Barttørkaia. In January this year, Katja Reitan became a Partner in Acapo. Katja was the first employee in our Trondheim offices and also the first person in Norway to pass the EQE exam.

In 2010, the Oslo based office, ABC-Patent Siviling. Rolf Chr. B. Larsen AS merged with Acapo. Since then we have offices in the 3 major cities in Norway. In January this year, Stein Roar Gjøen at the Oslo office also became a Partner in the firm. The name Acapo was originally chosen after an internal naming competition.

The name was short and also worked internationally without limiting us geographically or in any other way.  “A capo” originates from Italian and can be translated as: “the head of the table” or “the first in line”.

As such, the name is also in line with our company vision: “Acapo should be the preferred global IP consultant for Norwegian companies, and the preferred Norwegian IP consultant for international companies.”

We look forward to many more successful years for Acapo. We hope and believe that our passion for IP will also motivate our clients to see clearly the value and importance of their intellectual assets, and give these assets the attention and priority they need, for them to be important tools and to achieve their goals and create success for their businesses.